Conley Search Group

We are a multi-sector executive recruiting firm with five offices in North America and one in Europe.

Boards and Executive Management teams retain Conley Search Group to solve a problem, reduce risk, or capture an opportunity by guiding them on how to define, identify, market, and recruit a diverse pool of talented executives.

Why retain Conley Search Group? Your organization deserves the best executive talent and not limit a search to individuals who are looking for a job. Our candidates are fully employed, have independent opinions, forceful personalities, multiple career options, and ask penetrating questions. What makes us different is that we complicate the lives of talented executives by convincing them to stop and seriously contemplate leaving an excellent position to join our client.

We do this by investing the time to get to know our client's people, culture, competitive advantages and weaknesses, products and services, and strategic vision. Combined with our perspective on your industry, years of career coaching experience, and insights into the personal and professional motives of the candidates, we are viewed by candidates and clients as trusted and knowledgeable consultants. We have earned a reputation as honest advisors who will only close fully vetted candidates when we believe it is the right long-term decision for the candidate and the client.

A Culture of Philanthropy and Service 

Our partners share a sincere belief in giving back to our communities, and we do so in many different ways.  We serve as Trustees of schools, colleges, hospitals, and research facilities, as well as arts and cultural organizations. Kevin Conley has donated 25% of his profits since founding Conley Search Group to diabetes research - BBJ article


Office locations: Boston, New York, New Jersey, St. Louis, Washington, D.C., and London/Edinburgh