Family Offices and Wealth Management

Family Offices and Wealth Managers require an added level of privacy, empathy, and flexibility. The best candidates possess the technical skills of their institutional counterparts, but their compassion and self-awareness must be exceptional. The care and service associated with investing and managing a family’s or individual’s wealth are very different than institutional asset management. We devote the time to probe a candidate’s personality, life goals, and values to confirm alignment with our Family Office and Wealth Management clients. Our family office assignments begin with a commitment to get to know the family, their goals, and expectations for the office. Wealth Managers have distinct cultures that typically reflect their clients’ approach to investing. Thoughtful succession and career planning are essential in these times. Please let us know if we can be of assistance.

“Kevin invests the time to get to know the family, the employees, and the office culture to screen for the best candidates. He excels in advising the family on how to conduct a thorough search process, including how to develop a consensus among strong personalities, and arrive at an informed decision.” CEO, Family Office

Past Searches

Private Wealth Manager, MD ($55B AUM)

  • Head of Wealth Management
  • Head of Sales and Business Development
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Head of Operations and Client Service
  • Head of Private Client Service

HNW Investment Advisor, ME ($600M AUM)

  • President & CEO

Multi-Family Office, MA ($2B AUM)

  • Chief Operating Officer

Private Wealth Manager, MO ($300M AUM)

  • Senior Sales Manager

Regional Bank, MA ($2.5B AUM)

  • President of Wealth Management
  • Head of Trust
  • VP - Trusts

Wealth Manager with Trust Powers, NH ($10B AUM)

  • VP – Investments
  • Investment Counsel
  • VP - Sales
  • VP - Relationship Management
  • Associate Director, Client Service

Single-Family Office, MA (NA)

  • Chief Executive Officer

Single-Family Office, MA (NA)

  • Director of Investments (CIO)

Single-Family Office, NH (NA)

  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Director of Finance - Personal

Single-Family Office, MI (NA)

  • Director of Investment Compliance & Reporting

Private Wealth Manager, MA ($25B AUM)

  • Chief Investment Officer
  • Partner, Head of Sales
  • Partner, Head of Research
  • Partner, Head of Relationship Management
  • Partner, Relationship Manager and BD
  • Partner, Head of Alternative Investments
  • Senior Client Service Manager (Ultra HNW Advisor)
  • Associate, Client Service (3)

Wealth Management Division, Global Bank ($1.7T AUM)

  • Market Executive Leader, Mid-West
  • Market Executive Leader, Tenn/Arkansas
  • Private Client Advisor, Dallas
  • Private Client Advisor, St. Louis
  • Private Client Advisor, Chicago

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