Middle Market Companies

Family-Owned, Closely-Held, and Private Equity-backed middle market companies may be similar in sales, products, and markets but culturally they are very different. All businesses strive to be profitable and successful but the speed to achieve these objectives is very different. Private Equity's focus on generating investment returns in 3-5 years adds tremendous stress and pressure. Closely-held and family-owned businesses typically have a long-term perspective (multi-generations) and require a different temperament and personality. Understanding the culture is critical to selecting the right person who will be a long-term fit.

"I first hired Kevin when I was at a private equity-backed business. The PE firm recommended him. Kevin is the first recruiter I have worked with who invested the time to visit the entire management team on-site. I hired him again when I joined a family-owned business because I was confident that he would dedicate the time to get to know the uniqueness of the family and their vision for the business. We were able to shorten the search process and find a great candidate."  Head of HR, Family- Owned Business

Past Searches

Furniture Company, PA ($150M)

  • Chief Financial Officer
  • VP & Head of Sales
  • VP & Head of Product Design and Development

Truck Rental Company, IN ($125M)

  • Chief Financial Officer

Office Furniture Company, TX ($125M)

  • President & Chief Operating Officer

Manufacturer of High Performance Metal Conductors, SC ($800m)

  • President & CEO
  • Division Presidents (2)
  • Divisional VP – Sales & Marketing

Apparel Company, NY ($1B)

  • Treasurer

Aerospace & Industrial Services Company, MO ($100M)

  • Chief Financial Officer

Aerospace and Defense Consulting Firm, MA (Private)

  • Principal
  • Senior Associate

Healthcare Service Company, KS ($50M)

  • VP – Sales & Marketing

Private Holding Company, NH ($1.5B)

  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Chief Financial Officer & Head of Compliance Controller

Consumer Products, CT ($450M)

  • Brand President

Apparel Company, IN ($120M)

  • Chief Financial Officer

Regional Fashion Stores, MO ($3B)

  • Chief Financial Officer

Retail – Equestrian, MA ($110M)

  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Director of Finance

Retail – Direct Sales, IN ($100M)

  • Chief Financial Officer

Cosmetics Contract Manufacturer, VT ($65M)

  • Board of Directors
  • President
  • VP – Research & Development
  • Director – Key Accounts

Family-Owned Manufacturing Company, MA (NA)

  • President & CEO

Power Generation and Infrastructure Company, MA ($3B)

  • Chief Financial Officer

Wire Products Manufacturer, VA ($300M)

  • Division Presidents (2)
  • Vice President Sales

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